Travel Essentials for the winter in Pakistan

1. Handmade Kashmiri Shawls

Not only will they keep you warm and protected from the cold, but will also be the perfect accessory for your winter wardrobe!

2. Moisturizer

During the winter, are skin becomes dehydrated causing dry patches to appear. To avoid this, moisturize your body and your face to make the external layers of your skin softer!

3. Gloves

Invest in a pair of gloves to keep your fingers and your hands warm. This is recommended especially if you explore the northern areas of Pakistan. Gloves help to prevent frostbite!

4. Sunscreen

Even if it is for a shorter time everyday, the suns rays can still harm your skin. Apply sunscreen to your face and any exposed skin for harmful Ultra-Violet rays protection.

5. Socks

When travelling socks are the perfect accessories to carry with you. Slip your shoes off on the plane and wear your socks, keeping your feet warm and comfortable!

6. Lozenges

Always carry a packet of throat lozenges in your bag. The chances of you having a sore throat during the winters increases, and lozenges will soothe the pain away!






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