Tree, The Symbol Of Unity  for Muslims

The tree is a natural beauty of earth. Its shows the symbol of unity of the roots, streams, branches, leafs & twigs.  It also plays part in raining & provides oxygen for the breathing on earth. Tree is engaging in absorbing the pollution of earth. It’s gorgeous greenery fulfill the color of earth. It is prevent to catastrophe natural disasters.

A tree’s root absorb water & nutritious from the soil. Streams to support the crown & create the shape of tree & it makes the strength of a tree. The Branches of a tree connect the lines & supply of water & minerals. The tips of the branches are  called twigs; these are helping the growing ends of the tree.

As the unity of the parts make tree strong and develop the strength. Muslims are facing issues in Kashmir, Bosnia, Philistine, Burma and other countries. They must also unite like tree.

By Abdullah Noman






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