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Umar Riaz Showing His Scandal To PMLN Member On A Live Show

Awami Tehreek’s Umar Riaz showed his scandal to PMLN’s Sharjeel Mir on a live talk show claiming that you can’t even by my scandal and you talk to me about my leader’s money.

There was a debate going on in a live show where Sharjeel Mir talked about the income of Tahir ul Qadri and said that the government has provided with cheques to the families who lost their loved ones in the model town incident.

In response to that Umar Raiz said that there hasn’t been any cheque provided to any family. And on Tahir ul Qadri’s income, he said that it is not the money of Nawaz Sharif; it is my leader’s money which he has earned himself. You have no authority to question him.





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