United Bank Limited (UBL) to lead transition to Virtual Infrastructure

Karachi: In line with its tradition of being Pakistan’s most progressive bank, United Bank Limited (UBL) recently joined hands with Microsoft in order to complete a highly successful transition to a fully-virtualized server scenario. Utilizing Microsoft’s Hyper-V system for the project, the primary conversion will be fully implemented by December 2015 with the hot sites being completed by April 2016. This transition will result in a number of operational savings for the bank, as well as opening up a route to private cloud usage.

Microsoft is assisting UBL in setting up a new back-end infrastructure comprising of a set of Hyper-V clusters aided by some additional blade servers through a completely disruption free transition. This move will result in a lot of technological benefits for UBL along with cost savings.

Mr. Yousuf Nasir, Head of Information Technology at UBL, commented on this move “The bank is essentially paying no more for the Hyper-V and Monitoring and Management facilities than what was coming out of our existing license. The cost aspect of this is definitely a major plus for us”.






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