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If you’re a Pakistani, there must be so many things coming in your mind already after looking at the title. Naturally, we can totally relate to it because we know that we can find the most unique things in our country and nowhere else. Often put in the negative limelight, it’s important to highlight and appreciate specific characteristics of Pakistan that put a smile on our faces. Jovago has come up with a short but hilarious list of a few things that are sure to make us smile:

Rickshaws with mysterious quotes painted

If you don’t own any kind of transport, we have some exceptional ride for you, Rickshaws. Rickshaws are a must-try if you’re living in or visiting Pakistan. It’s a small vehicle that can only fit 3 people, but we as Pakistanis have solutions for everything, families that are bigger than 3 persons also manage to fit in one small rickshaw somehow. The best part, however, is the enigmatic and facetious poetry and quotes we get to read behind every rickshaw.

Pakistan has also kept updating rickshaws by coming up with new designs, bigger and spacious models to an extent that the first ever Wi-Fi supported rickshaws were launched. Can you believe it? Have you ever had this facility in any other conveyance? No! But only Pakistan is home to these three-passenger, bolus-shaped public transport with Wi-Fi facility.

Local canals as swimming pools Though it sounds strange, but it is a common tradition that can be seen in summers where men take public baths together in proximate canals. We have heard of animals taking a good water bath in the rivers or canals, but in Pakistan, we can see the similar scenes, but involving humans.

It is one of oldest customs which has now become essential for people because there is often a scarcity of water supply to various areas along with sweltering hot weather that forces them to swim in local canals. These canals act as a source of surplus water to our people.

Walls used for advertising We observe walls around the cities decorated, painted and protected in the rest of the world while in Pakistan, you will never find an empty and clean wall. Walls around the cities in

Pakistan are simply used for advertising each and every kind of product and/or service. These include medical assistance, matrimonial ads, house fumigation services, weight loss/gain remedial treatments and unlimited amount of random phone numbers.

These are just some of the unusually interesting things that can only be found in Pakistan. Of course we have the best food, the most hospitable people, unlimited talent and not to forget, a Nobel peace prize holder and winner of an Oscar award (both being females) and hospitable guest houses and hotels.


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