Use Tea Tree Oil and Get Rid Of Ringworm

Ringworm: By its name it imagines worm, but it is not a worm; actually, it is a kind of infection which takes place on human skin and creates red circles. Ringworm is not much dangerous for the health but is very itchy and restlessly for human beings.

Don’t need to be worried if you are having this problem. There are various household tips that help you to cure this infection; such as, raw papaya, tea tree oil, apple vinegar, garlic and more.

The most proved and suggested prescription is tea tree oil.

Let’s understand; what is tea tree oil and how to use it as a remedy.

Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil is a very old prescription as well as a quite effective for treating ringworm and other fungal infections of the skin and nails.

Usage: Take same tablespoon of water and tea tree oil, mix them well together, and use them twice a day on ringworm spot. InshAllah, within weeks you will get rid of the pain and itch.

Most importantly, the Tea tree oil is nontoxic, and, yes, it is safe to use externally while breast-feeding, although not on the breast where the baby will be nursing.

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