World Largest Battery Which Provide Power To 30,000 Homes

It is a world largest battery which has capacity of 100- megawatt, Battery was developed and design in South Australia for the backup power security. It can provide power to 30, 000 home for one hour.

The manufacture of this battery is Tesla (American company), they are well known in manufacturing electric cars, energy storage and solar panels. Tesla wants to bring new concept of automaking and other energy resources. which will make world carbon free.

According to Tesla’s chief executive Elon Musk this battery was develop for South Australia but if they would not come up according to agreement battery will free.

Basic purpose of this project to ensure the supply of electricity during any difficult time and this is heavily depended on renewable energy resource.

Although it will go for test purpose in different phases, then battery array will provide  system security services soon. On the other hand i, is good news for those countries who want to switch to energy resource on fossil fuel.

By Adnan Hanif

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