introduces another first with ‘Property Search Trends’ tool, Pakistan’s top property portal, has introduced the Property Search Trends tool on its website, adding another feature to the long list of its ground-breaking innovations in Pakistan’s online real estate market.

Property Search Trends is a tool that helps the website’s users explore the real estate search trends prevalent in the market. The tool has the potential to revolutionise a user’s market insight by offering direct, real-time information about trending localities around the country.

The facility will help users ascertain real estate hotspots and also assist their investment decisions by informing them how a certain locality or area is being perceived by the majority of market players.

“Success in the real estate sector, like any other line of work, depends on informed decisions made at the right time,” said CEO Zeeshan Ali Khan. “We aim to offer our users exactly that with the introduction of the Property Search Trends tool, i.e. on-ground facts translated into prudent information available round-the-clock.”

Khan also said had always taken pride in offering the very best and honest insights to its users and associated partners, and the introduction of this latest tool was another step in that direction.

“If you want your clients and users to be happy, you have to keep an open approach towards knowledge sharing. That means you need to disseminate the best, maximum information so that the users feel empowered and make decisions that are ultimately beneficial for them,” he added. is Pakistan’s most popular and most successful property website with upwards of 1.3 million monthly visitors, more than 1.3 million property listings, 7,000 agencies, and close to 500,000 registered members.






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