Property Expo 2016 (Islamabad) kicks off, Pakistan’s premier realty website, opened the Property Expo 2016 (Islamabad) on Saturday, April 9, to huge crowds at the Pak-China Friendship Centre. The two-day affair, Islamabad’s biggest real estate event of the year, brought real estate developers, agents, buyers, sellers and investors under one roof for a weekend full of mutually beneficial face-to-face interactions.

Senator Chaudhary Tanvir Khan was the chief guest at the ribbon-cutting ceremony at around 11:00 a.m. He was flanked by members of his delegation.

Earthlink Real Estate, Minara Residence, Subhan Estate, Royal Orchard, Iqbal Real Estate & Builders and Sheikh Enterprises were among the prominent exhibitors at the show. The impressive line-up of around 50 exhibitors did not just consist of developers and agents but also established home management businesses.

The wildly popular ‘Wheel of Fortune’ continued to spin throughout the day, offering visitors an endless stream of amazing giveaways, and a meet-up of bloggers was also arranged. Other exciting features, such as the photo booths, persistently drew crowds while various food vendors, including Pizza Hut, KFC, Lahore Chatkhara, Frosty, Marhaba Foods and Refreshment Center, amped up the visitor experience.

An extensive marketing campaign, including ad campaigns on national television, radio commercials, billboards and streamers across the city, was skilfully orchestrated by the team to ensure that anyone with even the slightest interest of interest in real estate converged at the event this weekend. As the first day drew to a close, a great deal of invaluable information had been shared and many deals struck.

“After the raging success of Property Expo 2015 in Lahore, we knew that we had to take this event to the federal capital, too,” said CEO Zeeshan Ali Khan. “We are thrilled that this turnout has surpassed even our expectations. As Pakistan’s most trusted and loved property portal, we promise to keep hosting property events of this calibre.”


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