Zong Launches First and Fastest 4G Internet Only SIM

Islamabad – Pakistan’s largest 3G and 4G services provider Zong has come up with Pakistan’s first and fastest 4G Internet SIM with special internet bundles for its valued customers.

The special SIM works on all internet supported devices including smartphones, SIM-enabled laptops & tablets and devices like Wingle and Mifi. The subscribers will be able to use 3G/4G internet services on this SIM depending upon the cellular coverage, excluding voice calls. Zong has launched new internet bundles for 4G Internet SIM with Double The Volume offer to cater for the needs of its ever expanding consumer base. The bundles range from 4GB to 100 GB on cheaper and affordable charges.

Sharing his views on the new fastest 4G Internet Only SIM, Zong’s Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Babar Bajwa said Zongs’ subscribers across more than 250 cities of Pakistan would be benefitting from the fastest 4G Internet SIM. “The Zong subscribers will have an ideal opportunity to make best of the internet services, that too powered by 4G, using the fastest 4G Internet SIM. We are the only mobile network that offer high-powered 3G, 4G services simultaneously and never disappoint our precious consumers. Zong is best of the best and we have proved it once again by launching the fastest internet SIM in Pakistan’s telecom history.” Equipped with modernised features, the fastest 4G Internet SIM can be used in different security systems used privately and commercially for protection purposes.

Internet SIM Bundles

Zong has launched new internet bundles for 4G internet SIM with Double the volume offer (selected bundles) keeping in view the diverse needs of its customers to fulfil their internet needs.

The details of the new tariff and the promotion is given below:

                                                                             New Internet SIM Portfolio


Volume (GB)

Price (Rs.)

Double Volume

Monthly 4GB



Monthly 10 GB



Monthly 24 GB



Monthly 50 GB



Monthly 100 GB


200 GB

3 months 4GB/Month



3 months 24GB/Month



*Monthly GNO (1GB/Day) 1-9 am (Add-on)



How to Subscribe Internet SIM Bundles

 Customers can dial *6666# to subscribe to Internet SIM Bundles and GNO addon. These bundles can also be subscribed by visiting CSC, Franchise or Retailer.

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