Zubaida Aapa’s Totka For Losing Weight

Zubaida Aapa’s Totka For Losing Weight

Zubaida aapa was asked about the easiest and fastest tip for losing weight. She said that the biggest problem is that we don’t control our food intake, we eat whatever is offered or whatever is available, she said if we want to lose weight we should control our diet.

Then Zubaida Aapa said that the best totka for losing weight is a natural drink made from water, cinnamon stick or 1 tablespoon cinnamon powder and honey.

She said at night boil 1.5 glass water and when it starts boiling and is almost 1 glass then switch off the heat source and add cinnamon stick in it, then add one tablespoon honey. When it cools down drink half glass and the remaining half should be consumed on morning.


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