CAP and I AM KARACHI launch Mobile Museum stations

Karachi: Following the announcement of the Karachi City of Lights Festival, the Citizens Archive of Pakistan (CAP) and I AM KARACHI are launching their Oral History Project (OHP) Mobile Museums this May. Featuring interactive exhibits inspired by Karachi’s yesteryears, the Mobile Museum stations will be installed in five locations across the city.

These small structures will feature Oral histories, archival images and interactive games that will allow visitors to peak into Karachi’s past, and explore the history of the sites in which they are situated. The stations will also have a shade for sunny days, and a bench for passers-by to rest on.

The Mobile Museum stations will highlight the dynamism and diversity of Karachi’s history in order to inspire in Karachiites a sense of ownership of their city. The Mobile Museums will be open for viewing from 15th May 2015 and the venues include Frere Hall, Karachi Zoo, Safari Park, Port Grand and Mohatta Palace.






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