HaarKoHarao: Surf Excel’s New Commercial Aims To Challenge Failure

haar-ko-harao-surf-excel ADA few days ago, Surf Excel launched a new television commercial ‘HaarkoHarao’ that aimed at changing the perspective about failure. It is a great step to play an important part in changing our society where failure is seen as an end itself.

The advertisement by Surf Excel revolves around the story of a young child Haroon, who stands to challenge the narrative of failure. The coach of Haroon’s team gets disheartened after the kids lose their 5th consecutive match and decides to quit but Haroon intends to change his decision.

Haroon with his simplicity convinces the coach to continue the training. This sends an important message to all kids and especially their parents that failure doesn’t mean we should quit, rather, it should force us to try harder and harder until we achieve what we aim.

This commercial reminds me of my childhood memories of street cricket when our team lost matches in a major tournament but we didn’t lose hope because our elders supported us.

The one and a half minute long commercial is challenging a taboo in our society where failure is considered as something “bad” and “unacceptable” rather than being part of the learning process. All parents and teachers should encourage their children to have a winning attitude & create an environment where the kids don’t fear failure.

‘Haar ko Harao’ is a conceptual campaign aiming to change how our society takes failure. Another thing which can be observed in this ad is that the fear of failure is usually transferred from elders to children, such as in this ad from the coach to Haroon.

haar-ko-harao-surf-excel-Haroon ChildThis is what we need to change! Parents, teachers, trainers and elders should support children in their failures and should tell them how they can learn from their mistakes rather than being disheartened.

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