Huawei P8’s Customized “Perfect Selfie” Mode Captures Timeless Memories

Following the long set trends Huawei brings to its users such technologies which would bring joy along with ease. The most followed fashion for quite long now is taking “Selfies” on all occasions and happenings. With the “Perfect selfie” shooting mode of Huawei P8, the photo object and related beautifying effects can be preset and automatically detect the object to be beautified.

The beauty mode is able to beatify all people in a group picture. The Huawei P8 can distinguish the owner of the phone and beautify him/her according to the preset modes, while providing other users with a pre-determined index set in the phone.

How do owners set beautifying mode? When the phone is first used to take a selfie, the phone will ask the user if it is the owner. This brings you to the photographing interface where you can adjust each option according to your skin features to your liking; then you click the button on the interface to lock and preview the picture. For example, when the user’s skin is white but blemished, the whitening effect can be reduced to improve the polishing effect.

Soon, the Huawei P8 will have options including whitening, polishing, enlarging eyes, thinning the nose, thinning the face, etc. – the Huawei P8 will save these beauty indexes. In the future, the phone will identify its owner using the face distinguishing technique, and beautify them using the preset beautifying features.


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