llegal water pump raided & caught red-handed in Karachi: KE

Karachi: KE’s operation Burq continues to reap positive results despite the hurdles being created from different pockets of the society. KE’s team along with the law-enforcing agencies have been conducting day-night raids in different areas of the city and some of these areas included the risky ones.

As per details more than 66 raids were conducted and more than 1,500 Kunda (illegal) connections were pulled down with the help of the FIA, Police and Pakistan Rangers.

The highlight of these raids are somehow like a Government owned rest house located in Malir where 3 Phase Extra cable found in use for pumping purpose, along-with Meter and 44 kW (Two Water Motors of 30 Hp Each) connected illegally. KE’s team penalized those involved and investigation had commenced. In another raid, in the area of Memon Goth Super Highway, 6 PMTs were disconnected and lifted against heavy default of millions of rupees.

A graphics and composing shop was raided  at Mohammad Bin Qasim road in sadr vicinity where electricity theft detected and  investigation commenced further. On the other hand various commercial location in Bahadurabad , Clifton and Tipu sultan area were raided. A raid was carried out against the chronic defaulters by the IBC Baldia Team with the help of police and on the spot payment seen by defaulters. KE Operation Burq team raided at premises of defaulters in UTHAL and several KUNDA (Illegal connections) removed in Lyari.

More raids were conducted in North Nazimabad and North Karachi against residential and commercial electricity thieves. More than 850 Illegal KUNDAS removed in the vicinity of North Karachi and a from restaurant caught red-handed involved in illegal / direct use of electricity.


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