Huawei Y3 & Y5, Achieving High Sales in Pakistan

Lahore: Recently launched in Pakistan, Huawei Y3 and Y5 have taken over the hearts of the customers throughout the country. These mobile phones are available on all the famous local mobile shops and the recent report has shown how the sale market of Huawei has sky-rocketed after the launch of these two smart gadgets. The response of the customers is very positive and they are quite delighted by the smooth and unhindered experience these smart phones are providing.

Huawei Pakistan’s Director Marketing Device, Mr. Fanhong Bruce expressed his joy on the record sales in these words,” We are utterly pleased with the market success of Huawei Y3 & Y5. We were already quite hopeful that the launch of these two smart phones would enhance the trust and loyalty of our customers in our Brand and we do promise them that our R&D department is working tirelessly for making technology easily and economically accessible for them by manufacturing high tech and economical smart phones such as Huawei Y3 and Y5.”

The reasons behind this tremendous market success are the top edge manufacturing quality of Huawei, their after-sale services and also the features and functions encased in these two smart phones. Huawei Y3 runs on Android KitKat 4.4 OS, 1.3 GHz Quad-core processor, 4GB ROM (memory extendable to 32GB) and full touch 4 inch screen display. The camera pixels of this gadget are 5MP rear cam and 2MP front cam with the capability of capturing bright pictures in low light because of the Dual Flash Light and also to instantly capture moments with fast 1.2s shutter speed. The battery of Huawei Y3 is also fully loaded, 1730 mAh with super power saving technology.

The features of Huawei Y5 are similar yet more modified and advanced, Y5 has 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM and the camera pixels are 8MP rear and 2MP front, with the outstanding additional feature which enables to capture pictures and videos with “Panoramic Effect”, bright pictures with Dual Flash light and fast paced shutter speed. These smart phones have been manufactured to create happy and fun filled moments and to seize them instantly and forever. With the Wifi Direct feature of both the Huawei smart phones i.e. Y3 & Y5 movies, pictures and videos can be sent in a matter of seconds.

Above mentioned are few of the many amazing features these two smart phones are offering to its user. Huawei has once again delivered its master pieces in the Pakistan Market, which are an extra ordinary example of Huawei R&D department’s expertise and these technological wonders are making “the world a better connected place”.


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