Huawei Y5’s Superb Camera built to create and share

Lahore: The latest Huawei prodigy Huawei Y5 has many incredible and cool features to offer to its users. This gadget is going to become the most favorite among the mobile lovers, who insist upon having a high tech Smartphone but within their pocket range. Among other Huawei Y5’s extra fine features, its superb camera is definitely the one to high-light. With 8MP rear and 2MP front cam, Y5 is undoubtedly a keeper because of the super exciting features one can utilize while using the camera.

While capturing shots with Huawei Y5, one wouldn’t need to worry about the background light to make the picture bright because Y5’s Dual Flash light would surely fulfill the need. Dual Flash light will allow the user to capture shots even in dim background and the picture results would surely be a surprise. The picture colors won’t be affected instead they would be bright and vibrant, as if the picture had been taken in bright day light.

Another incredible feature is the “Panoramic Effect”; Y5’s camera allows you to capture pictures with “Panoramic effect”, making the moments seized by the camera look as if they had been taken from a movie. The efficient camera of Y5 is also capable of capturing pictures by detecting your smile and to add to cherry to the cake, the shutter speed of Y5 is 1.2s which clearly means that you won’t be missing any crazy friends activity and all the moments would be captured instantly and secured forever.


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