Kababjees Restaurant Karachi Facing Issues

I always avoid to share negative experiences or reviews but my today’s experience at Kababjees Muhammad Ali Jinnah Society, It was quite disturbing and disappointed for me as I created such hype at front of my family and took them there for ice cream. The guy on counter to serve ice cream was quite rude, ill mannered and to some extent abusive.

I asked him to give two sundae and four cones, I try my best to communicate him flavor and topping for each but he was quite ignorant on all of my instructions, moreover every time when he was giving me ice cream he touched my hand, at first I thought it was mistake but second time again he did same and then I told him Beta dehan say pakraw, but even then he did that again when he given me sundae.

I was able to see that criminal smile on his face, when I objected that and my tone was high the other guy standing next to him seems another kababjee’s staff apologized from me and asked him to be careful and serve last cone of my order to my niece.

I was compelled to have flavors I didn’t even ordered with all that complimentary harassing attitude, we go to these big names due to ambiance and grace, I can easily compromise on taste but cant accept this disrespect and harassing attitude.

If they are giving that same treatment as any thelay waala doing, paisay laitay detaiy HATH pakar pakar Kay mazay lainay ka to we must boycott these names. I badly feel that they need to train there staff. I didnt created much scene as it was my family day out and I recommend that place considering taste and ambiance But it was indeed disturbing and disappointing.

My solely purpose of this post to give that notion to owner of these eatery places that please provide training to your staff and keep proper check and balance on them so that these issue don’t happen. Because we are paying u to enjoy our moments please Dont spoil them. I don’t want to defame kababjees neither my intention to make them fire that guy at all.

As they will fire someone else will hire and he will find some other way to practice his frustration..so its far better and important to provide them proper trainings

Update : Anum from kababjees called and offer me free lunch as compensation , pathetic customer service , I wonder how can be they are so sensitive instead of being apologetic , they want me to have lunch and take this post down.

By Tahira Bano


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