Karachi Mubarak Lyari Festival Cancelled

Karachi: MAD School Music Art Dance earlier announced that they had to cancel the Karachi Mubarak Festival in Lyari due to administrative reasons. Nida Butt the woman behind the festival and the owner of the NGO MAD School said: “You can’t imagine the disappointment we feel and how heartbroken we are having to cancel the festival in Lyari.”

“Lyari is very close to our hearts, we have very strong ties with the people of Lyari. That is where MAD School has been working with children since last year. To cancel the festival at the last minute seems so unfair, but unfortunately necessary under the present circumstances. However, we would like them to come to our other festivals” she added.

Karachi Mubarak is a touring Performing Arts festival serving all districts of the city. What makes this festival exclusive is the whole idea of presenting cultural music, dance and theatre along with food and fun activities to the citizens of Karachi – we are taking the festival to the people.

The Karachi Mubarak Festival, which will be an assortment of folk music, ethnic dance, street theatre, busking artists, fire act, marching bands and street magic amongst other exciting activities, aims to reclaim public spaces, bring civil society together and enhance public awareness and advocacy.

Karachi Mubarak will first come to life in all its glory at Aladin Park on May 2, 2015. The festival will then tour its way to the Frere Hall on May 10, 2015 and finally there will be a show of exuberance and grandeur at Port Grand on 16 May, 2015.

MAD School along with I AM KARACHI has taken responsibility of bringing about a change and promoting peace and harmony. There is a need to encourage the youth to be involved in cultural music, arts and dance to counter division on the basis of class and social status. Karachi Mubarak will promote peace and revive cultural activities that are fading away. It will innovatively engage different communities encouraging them to celebrate cultural diversity.


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