Waadi Animations launched the official #3Bahadur Smartphone Video Game

Karachi: After releasing the official #3Bahadur Music Video featuring Shiraz Uppal, Pakistani Animation House Waadi Animations proudly launched the official ‘3 Bahadur’ [#3Bahadur] Smartphone Video Game on 28th April at an intimate event held at the popular interactive theme park, Kidz Dunya [Dolmen Mall – Clifton]. Pakistan’s first animated full-length super hero film, #3Bahadur is set to release on 22nd May 2015 across Pakistan.

The event was initiated by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy who introduced the #3Bahadur movie and elaborated upon the concept behind the game, as developed by award winning software house Pi Labs and Artboard, a Cloud Creative firm with expertise in digital Game and App design. Attendees were also able to experience the game first hand and took part in interactive activities such as a drawing competition and a lucky draw, the main prize for which was a tablet computer pre-installed with the #3Bahadur video game.

The event was well attended by celebrities, film enthusiasts, media personalities and esteemed members of the press including TV personalities Adnan Siddiqui, Alyy Khan, Sanam Baloch, Nadia Hussain and Farhan Ali Agha; musicians Faakhir and Omran Shafique and Jerjees Seja, CEO ARY Digital Network to name a few.

Pakistan’s first thematic smartphone video game for a movie, the ‘3 Bahadur’ [#3Bahadur] smartphone video game provides a single player experience, in which players take on the role of Kamil, Saadi or Amna to defeat the thugs of Roshan Basti. Throughout the 5 levels of the game, players will encounter different thugs and battle it out in exciting missions in hopes of restoring peace to the colony. The game has been specifically designed to be immersive, easy to play and full of energy.

Each character is equipped with unique super powers which players can use to defeat enemies encountered during their progress through the video game. Amna is a speedy character who relies on quick strikes to defeat enemies. Her superpower allows her to rescue her friends in times of crisis and flee from scenes of danger. Saadi is a ranged character who relies on ranged attacks and home-made weaponry to defeat foes. His hi-tech inventions and gear help support the 3 Bahadur on the battlefield. Kamil is a close range brawler character whose superpower allows him to hear plans being hatched by his enemies which give him an edge on the battlefield. The game’s core objective is the defeat of Mangu at the game’s last level to finally restore peace to Roshan Basti.

The official ‘3 Bahadur’ [#3Bahadur] smartphone video game has been developed specifically for Android and iOS based platforms by award winning software house Pi Labs and Artboard, a Cloud Creative firm with expertise in digital Game and App design. The ‘3 Bahadur’ official smartphone video game is currently available to download from Google Play and will be available on the iTunes App Store later this month. It is free of cost on both platforms.

#3Bahadur promises to set a new standard for animated fiction and content geared towards children in the country. Based in a fictional town in Pakistan, Roshan Basti (Town of Light), eleven year olds Amna, Saadi and Kamil set out to save their community from the many evils that plague it. The film is a journey of fighting back, taking charge, and finding support and love in the most improbable of places. Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, CEO of Waadi Animations, is also the Creative Director of ‘3 Bahadur’ with ARY Films extending its expertise in distribution and marketing of ‘3 Bahadur’.

“All of us are getting more and more familiarized with 3 Bahadur’s young heroes, Saadi, Kamil and Amna, as well as the menacing overlord Mangu and his band of fumbling thugs. Now, for the first time ever in Pakistan, we are creating a game to be released with the movie. This game will allow children to interact with their favorite characters on their tablets and cellphones!” said Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, CEO Waadi Animations.

“We are proud to be bringing Pakistan’s first animated feature film 3 Bahadur to our little cinema fans. 3 Bahadur seeks to revolutionize the way brands cater to our young population,” said Mr. Salman Iqbal, Director Waadi Animations/Founder and President, ARY Digital Network.

Indeed, the collaborative efforts of Pakistan’s two leading film production houses to produce high-quality animated content in Pakistan, have prompted private sector associates to partner with Waadi Animations for the launch of ‘3 Bahadur’, through the introduction of special edition products, marketing campaigns and promotional activities. In this spirit, Waadi Animations welcomes Peek Freans Gluco by English Biscuit Manufacturers (Pvt.) Ltd. (EBM) as the main sponsors for ‘3 Bahadur’ with Safeguard by Procter & Gamble and McDonald’s Pakistan as co-sponsors and Gul Ahmed as the exclusive merchandise partner.






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