Mobilink reiterates its commitment towards promotion of parity

Islamabad: Mobilink celebrated International Women’s Day in commemoration of their achievements nationwide, and to pledge support in eradicating the daily struggles they face, at work and in the society at large. The theme for the occasion, in line with global directives, was parity for all, and speakers for the evening shared their thoughts on ways to accelerate progress in this regard.

Mobilink has been a staunch believer of equal opportunity for all its employees. #PledgeforParity, for this purpose, has been chosen as the theme for International Women’s Day 2016. Mobilink is one of the first companies in Pakistan moving towards purposeful action in helping women advance equal to their numbers by realizing the limitless growth potential they offer to thelocal economy.

With competition to attract and retain talent being on an alarming increase, Mobilink believes that having a diverse workforce is the key to fostering innovation and to meet the challenges of a dynamic marketplace. Hence the company strives to create a diverse and inclusive workplace not limited to gender equality.

“At Mobilink we are striving to ensure strength in diversity by leveraging the insights and experiences of both men and women to innovate and to deliver solutions for our team and for our customers,” said Jeffrey Hedberg, President & CEO – Mobilink. “Each Mobilinker has a crucial role to play in enabling this strength through diversity by providing equal opportunities for learning and growth both at home and in the workplace.”

While quoting his favorite line, he further added, “The greatest good you can give to another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to them the riches in themselves. Congratulations to all the women on this special day!”

AsgharJameel, CHRO – Mobilink, stated, “As one of the top employers in Pakistan, we understand and value the benefits of having a diverse workforce for organizational culture and business performance. Weproudly foster a work environment, where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential and make the best contribution. I look forward to further embedding diversity and inclusiveness across our workplace.”

Aniqa Afzal Sandhu, Senior Director MFS – Mobilink, during her speech at the conference, stated, “For our nation to integrate in a rapidly changing global culture, we have a strong responsibility in educating the next generation that in gender diversity there is strength and success.”

“The only barriers to your success are the ones that exist in your mind. Go forth with the confidence that you have the same share of opportunities as the next person, and the appreciation that the next person has the same share of challenges as you,”Saadia Khurram,Director CEM – Mobilink, shared with us on the occasion.

The event included external key speakers i.e. Zoone Hassan, Founder – Thali, FauziaYazdani, Human Resource Manager – UNDP, MoynaAicken, Founder & Vice Chairperson – Indus Heritage Trust, amongst other successful women.

Apart from promoting gender parity at work, Mobilink has also initiated projects i.e. mLiteracy, through which the telco has been able to educate more than 10,000 rural women in over 100 learning centers spread throughout KPK and rural Punjab. This project alone has enabled these rural women to better


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