Pakistani Retailers Beginning to Realize E-commerce Potential

online-shopping pakistanThe trend of shopping in Pakistan has grown in the recent years that is why there is an increase in the number of malls and shops. With so many shoppers, the trend of online shopping in Pakistanis gaining a lot of popularity.

According to a report by, the number of people using the internet has increased to almost 29,128,970 active users. The age bracket which has the highest percentage of internet users in Pakistan is 24-34 followed by the second highest age group of 18-24. This shows that e-commerce in Pakistanis growing because consumers are now more aware about the bestsellers and how convenient it is to shop online for different products.

Many Pakistani brandssuch as Maria B have noticed the benefits of selling online which include; increase in the amount of sales and a bigger consumer market. Popular brands are now setting their websites and are now ready to sell products online.

The brands can now deliver their products all over Pakistan and also internationally. Shopping online for consumers is much more convenient because they can get everything that they want just by sitting at home. Also with the emergence of online stores that act like a middleman for the sellers and buyers, small businessescan grow by showcasing their products using these platforms.

Selling products online for small and medium-sized enterprises is a great way to grow and attract more consumers. Many businesses sell solely online without having a physical store. Online stores have a more potential of growing their businesses as compared to physical stores. The cost of setting an online platform is much cheaper as compared to a physical locale.

Another trend that Pakistani retailers have noticed is the increase in mobile devices. Almost every brand has introduced their mobile app which is compatible with Android and IOS. The mobile applications allow buyers to purchase products directly from their phones. This saves time for the buyers and also they can get to know about the ongoing sales and new products.

Retailers have definitely began to understand the potential of E-commerce in Pakistan. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitters, Instagram and Snapchat also add more to the growth of this flourishing industry. Shoppers tend to see something on Facebook which is trending and start to look for brands that are selling that specific products. There are many sellers who give the option of buying products directly from their Facebook page. The number of Facebook users is increasing day by day which is another potential platform to sell products

Online marketplaces continue to dominate the Pakistani E-commerce sector by adding so much to the economy. The amount of goods sold at platforms like Kaymu, Daraz and so many other online stores is very high. The special sales like Black Friday, New Year’s sales and many other allows buyers to shop for products at low prices.

The discount deals are a great way to attract more shoppers because people are always looking for great deals. The products that the buyers will get on expensive prices at malls, can be bought on discounted prices online.

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