Rabab Hashim In A Love Triangle In Drama “Dil Ishq”

We’ve all seen dramas with a love triangle, but we haven’t seen one with Rabab Hashim starring in them. Ishqa Waay is an upcoming drama serial set to air towards the end of July; it is a twisted tale of love, jealousy and envy between friends, and family pressures. Hashim, as Safina, plays across Sami Khan, as Haim, as his (second) love interest.

Two friends, Amal (Sonia Mishal) and Safina, who seemed unbearably close, become enemies almost overnight over a charismatic man, Haim. In all fairness, Amal is engaged to Haim; however, Haim instantly has feelings for Safina which he does not have for Amal. Now the question is: what should each character do?

Her previous performances with GEO TV in dramas titled “Piya Mann Bhaye” and “Anaya Tumhari Hui” have brought her an immense fan base and increased her television ratings spectrum as well. It seems that Rabab Hashim and Ishqa Waay are gearing up to become one of this season’s most talked of combination.






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