Sonia Mishal: Will She Make It As An Actor?

Sonia Mishal, a face we have seen before on the runway in Pakistan Fashion Week, is taking her chance with acting this drama season. She is to star as Amal with Rabab Hashim (Safina) and Sami Khan (Haim) in an upcoming GEO TV drama serial titled “Ishqa Waay”.

Amal and Haim are cousins who are engaged on the request of their grandfather, however, as the story progresses we see Haim meeting Safina, Amal’s close friend, for the first time and he begins to develop feelings for her. That is when the problems begin.

We see a beautiful girl being rejected by the man she hopes to marry for a friend she called her own. We will see, for the first time ever, Sonia Mishal on screen in a role that hopes to bring out the emotions of the character perfectly. The drama is a twisted tale of love, envy between friends, betrayal, priorities, and the pressures of family.

Could Sonia Mishal be just a pretty face, or more? We’ll find out once the drama airs after Eid. We hope to see great things from her, and wish her good luck!


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