Shahid Latif Bashes Mehmood Achakzai On Controversial Statement

Shahid Latif

Shahid Latif while talking to Samaa News bashes Mehmood Khan Achakzai on defending RAW after the Quetta Blast. He said whenever fingers are pointed to up to RAW, Mehmood Achakzai always comes up to its rescue.

Shahid Latif criticised and bashed Mehmood Khan Achakzai on his controversial statement that he made after Quetta Blast. Achakzai stated that our intelligence agencies have failed to nab terrorists and just by blaming RAW for everything will not work.

Shahid Latif on that statement said that Achakzai should be questioned on what are his relations with RAW, as whenever fingers are pointed up to RAW he comes to its rescue.


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