Shahid Masood - Dr. Asim

Shahid Masood Reveals Dr. Asim’s Actual Disease

Dr. Shahid Masood reveals the newest diseases in medical history that Dr. Asim has adopted.

Dr. Shahid Masood in his program said that about a year ago when Dr. Asim felt ill, he was diagnosed with brain tumour. Today his medical report was presented in the court after diagnosing Dr. Asim for over a year. The doctors after a struggle of a year finally found out about the exact disease of Dr. Asim. The report showed a disease which cannot be found in the history of medical science.

The report reveals that Dr. Asim has insomnia, blood pressure problem, back rashes. It also revealed that his mental status has improved but fear of certain situation and Rangers uniform persists. The major disease that has been diagnosed is the fear of Rangers.

A panel of famous doctors prepared the report of Dr. Asim. Among those doctors, many are friends of Dr. Asim and many are his employees as they work in his hospital.





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