Waadi Animations brings #3Bahadur to Lahore with the launch of the second track 

Lahore: Waadi Animations proudly brought #3Bahadur to Lahore with a press conference revealing their core partners and synergies and launch of the second track of the official “#3Bahadur” OST “Raunaqein” as produced and sung by Shiraz Uppal. This follows the launch of the official ‘3 Bahadur’ [#3Bahadur] Smartphone Video Game and title track. Pakistan’s first animated full-length super hero film, #3Bahadur is set to release on 22nd May 2015 across Pakistan.

“Raunaqein” has been produced, mixed, mastered and sung by acclaimed musician Shiraz Uppal at S.U Studios in Lahore with lyrics by Shakeel Sohail and Umair Hassan as the project assistant.

With Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, Salman Iqbal and Jerjees Seja as the Executive Producers, the animation direction for the music video for “Raunaqein” has been undertaken by Kamran Khan with art direction by Syed Salman Nasir.

The press conference was well attended and featured film enthusiasts, esteemed members of the press and animation fans who had turned out in large numbers to show their support for #3Bahadur. The event was initiated by #3Bahadur Creative Director Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy who elaborated upon the concept of the film and how #3Bahadur was a pioneering initiative for the Pakistani film industry. Acclaimed musician Shiraz Uppal followed next and spoke to the audience about his involvement in the project and how he had used scenes from the film as sources of inspiration for the different tracks he had composed. Shiraz Uppal also entertained guests with a live rendition of “Raunaqein”, the second official track from the #3Bahadur soundtrack. This live performance was then followed by a screening of the first 3 minutes of the movie and further addresses by Jerjees Seja, CEO ARY Digital Network, Shahzain Muneer, Manager New Product Development for English Biscuit Manufacturers, Hilal Zafar Mir, Manager Marketing McDonalds Pakistan, Ifnan Shoaib, Creative Director Apparels at Gul Ahmed Textile Mills and Fawaz Niaz from Jahangir Books Depot. The event was held at McDonalds Main Boulevard Gulberg, Lahore and was hosted by popular RJ Sumera Khan. Public Relations was by Lotus PR.

#3Bahadur is a story about 3 children; Amna, Kamil and Saadi who attain super powers and use them to save their town ‘Andher Basti’ from the evil over lord Mangu. It is a story about courage, heroism, loyalty and friendship that will inspire the next generation to realize that they hold the power to change the future of Pakistan for the better.

Speaking about ‘3 Bahadur’, Academy Award Winning Film Director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy said, “3 Bahadur is has been a very special project for me because it is years of hard work in a genre that very few have explored in Pakistan. This film has been made possible because of the talent and dedication of exceptional illustrators, writers, animators and visual effects artists. It is a very local story – our aim is to give Pakistani children the chance to see people like them on screen for the first time in a story that reflects upon the things they see around them. Animation in this country may be in its infancy but I firmly believe that there is a place for all sorts of mediums and stories within the Pakistani film industry.”

“The hard work and effort put in by the team of Waadi Animations under Sharmeen’s supervision has definitely paid off. With advance booking already open across cinemas in Pakistan, 3 Bahadur has come to be a surprise package in the market in which not just kids but teenagers are also anxiously waiting for its release. 3 Bahadur will definitely set a new benchmark in our industry with many more first of their kind projects to follow!” said Mr. Salman Iqbal, Director Waadi Animations/Founder and President, ARY Digital Network.

“3 Bahadur is not just Pakistan’s first animated feature film but is also the first film in Pakistan that has been marketed like no film before it. With 3 Bahadur we have definitely created a big opening for the animated films market in Pakistan. At ARY films we aim to create new opportunities for the market and the cinema-goers who are the core audience of our projects.” said Mr. Jerjees Seja, CEO, ARY Digital Network.

“Working together as part of the consortium of partners on this ground breaking project has been an incredible and fulfilling experience. Pakistan needs more projects like 3 Bahadur for children and families and hopefully this will be the first of many to come. Children need local heroes to look up to and role models to aspire towards, and family entertainment is really the need of the hour! Hats off to Sharmeen and her entire team at Waadi Animations for yet another first in Pakistani cinematic history.” said Ziad Bashir, Director Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Ltd.

“We are excited to be a part of Pakistan’s first ever, local animated movie. The movie builds on a thought that children are superheroes each with a unique capability through which they can positively impact the society and each child has the ability to make a difference in their individual capacity. This goes along with Peek Freans Gluco’s philosophy of energizing children through nutritious brands that help them achieve their goals.” said Zulfiqar Ali Ansari, Head of Marketing at EBM

“Talking about the animation industry in the country one cannot help but acknowledge Safeguard as the pioneers in leading the animation front with Pakistan’s First Superhero Commander Safeguard, which has really revolutionized the way children look at superheroes in Pakistan. Partnering with 3 Bahadur is, once again, Safeguard’s way of giving back to the community by supporting the next stage in evolution of the animation industry in the country. 3 Bahadur, however, is about much more than just the evolution of the animation industry in Pakistan. It stands for the realization of each and every human being as a superhero in their own right; that anyone can become a force for bringing positive change in their surroundings. This belief and this mission is really what Commander Safeguard, and Safeguard’s School Education Program have stood for all these years. Educating children across the country on Health & Hygiene basics and helping them realize their potential. It is with these goals in mind that Safeguard is proud to be a sponsor for “3 Bahadur” – Pakistan’s first animated movie.” said Ahmed Rizvi – Brand Manager, Safeguard

“McDonald’s is proud to be a partner for 3 Bahadur. With this partnership, we aim to promote the Pakistani film industry and encourage creativity in the country from individuals such as Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy,” said Hilal Zafar Mir, Manager Marketing McDonald’s Pakistan.

#3Bahadur promises to set a new standard for animated fiction and content geared towards children in the country. Based in a fictional town in Pakistan, Roshan Basti (Town of Light), eleven year olds Amna, Saadi and Kamil set out to save their community from the many evils that plague it. The film is a journey of fighting back, taking charge, and finding support and love in the most improbable of places.

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, CEO of Waadi Animations, is also the Creative Director of ‘3 Bahadur’ with ARY Films extending its expertise in distribution and marketing of the pioneering animated film.

Indeed, with an aim to produce high-quality animated content in Pakistan, #Bahadur corporate partners and associates have launched various special edition products, marketing campaigns and promotional activities: Peek Freans Gluco by English Biscuit Manufacturers (Pvt.) Ltd. (EBM) as the main sponsors who have designed a customized range of ‘3 Bahadur Gluco Biscuits’; Safeguard by Procter & Gamble as a co-sponsor; McDonald’s Pakistan also as a co-sponsor who have introduced a special ‘Bahadur Meal’ for kids with special goodies and giveaways and Gul Ahmed as the official merchandise partners who have designed a special range of T-Shirts for ‘3 Bahadur’ available for purchase from their stores.


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